The best states to retire: Vietnam

Each of us would like to quit his job and move far away from the daily worries. But it doesn’t have to be just an unfulfillable dream that you will never achieve. One of the best states to retire I will introduce you in this post.

In this series of articles, I want to show you how you can retire smart. If you think, full retirement age is too high I will advise you on how to achieve pension sooner.

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Why move to Vietnam

Are you dreaming of a house on the beach that you don’t have to earn for 30 years? Vietnam is the right place for you. Sandy beaches, low prices, and no worries.

A tour of the temples and pagodas can be a fun way to spend time in Vietnam. You will learn a lot about the recent history of the 20th century, which was wild in this part of the world. Unfortunately, this part of history also includes the Vietnam war.

Many tourists fell in love with Vietnamese food. If you are looking for healthy meals full of rice, fresh vegetables, and seafood, you will be satisfied in a Vietnam marketplace.

Cost of living in Vietnam

The cost of living in Vietnam depends mainly on the location and your standard of living. But it’s cheaper everywhere than in the US.

Cheaper cities include Hoi An and Vietnam’s capital Hanoi. If you want to live in a historic city, you will have to pay extra for living in Ho Chi Minh.

The cost of living ranges from $600-$1000 per month per person.

Rent: $200-$400
Utilities: $50-$100
Food: $250-$350
Transportation: $50-$100
Other expenses: $50
Total: $600-$1000

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How much money do you need?

You will need $ 7,200- $ 12,000 a year to live in Vietnam. There are other ways to finance your pension.

One way is to invest in an S&P 500 with an annual average return of 13.6% in the past 10 years. If you pay only 10% of your investment each year, you will only need to invest $ 120,000.

To learn more about the S&P 500, visit the article on investing. I hope this article has improved your mood and provided you with the information you have been looking for.

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