Story of this blog

The life of this blog began on February 1, 2021. I decided to create something that was just mine and could grow with me. In this part of the blog, I want to share with you how my blog was being created.

Blogging isn’t a quick way to make millions of dollars. I hope to inspire someone to create their blog and create something valuable.

February 2021

This journal is for everyone who is looking for real way how to make a successful blog. Don’t expect you will be millionaire in month. That’s not true.

30.1.2021 – purchase of domain and hosting

1.2.2021 – Creating a website and inserting the first three blog posts:

2.2.2021- first attack on Small Business Factory

– It was 4 a.m. when the e-mail woke me up:


12 failed login attempts (3 lockout(s)) from IP ——–
Last user attempted: ——–
IP was blocked for 20 minutes

This notification was sent automatically via Limit Login Attempts Reloaded Plugin. This is installed on your WordPress site.

I want to thank the entire WordPress team for the work they are doing.

3.2.2021– New blog posts

4.2.2021– New blog post

5.2.2021– New blog post

6.2.2021– New blog post

7.2.2021– New blog post

8.2.2021– Making Google adsense account

  • Making new Instagram accountsmall_business_factory
  • I decided to not write everyone step because it can make you bored.

End of the first month

  • Instagram: 100 followers
  • Blog: 18 posts
  • Earnings: $0

This is the real way how to make a successful blog. If you are surprised, sorry this is reality. Blogging isn’t the fastest way how to make money.

March 2021

1.3.2021- I created Pinterest account

End of the first month

  • Instagram: 160 followers
  • Pinterest: 41 followers
  • Blog: 31 posts
  • Earnings: $0

April 2021

  • Instagram: 750 followers
  • Pinterest: 38 followers
  • Blog: 40 posts
  • Earnings: $0