Stop trying. Just do it!

Never start anything if you plan only to try it. Stop trying! Just do it! You have to believe that you can do it and fully engage in it.


Decision-making is hard work, so of course, we avoid it. That’s why we fall into the trap of testing. When we fail to make a decision, we begin to try to achieve our goals in hope that this may move us in favor or against that goal.

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You will always avoid money and success if you just try it. And even if you succeed, it will not motivate you. Advice sounds, do or don’t.

Telling someone you’re going to try is a slap in the face

It’s rude to try. If I ask you to come to my wedding and say, “I’ll try,” you’re telling me that my wedding isn’t important.

Telling someone you’re going to try is a link that says you’re accepting an invitation for now, unless something more interesting, critical, joyful, happier, nicer gets in the way.

Telling someone you’re going to try is like slapping them and telling them it’s priceless.

 Trying gives you an excuses

The excuses are like cocaine: They motivate us until we realize that we have lost our minds and deceived ourselves. None of us want to be addicted to cocaine, but many people waste their lives with excuses.

If they told you that your first child would be born next week, would you pretend to be unprepared? No, they didn’t argue.

You would be so excited to go out and do what you have to do. You wouldn’t have time for excuses because something more important than your child came.

Instead of just trying it and then using it as an excuse, replace this way of thinking with deeds.

The exam gives you an excuse before you start so you can blame the failure on something other than yourself. You have control, and you determine the result and the meaning that is derived from that result.

As soon as you start talking about action and stop talking about testing, people will support you more, and you will find that success is easier than you think.

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 Don’t agree with everything

Half of the reasons why you keep getting stuck while trying is because you keep saying yes. If someone asks you to do something and doesn’t force you to say it honestly, then say a big NO. Don’t be emotional, don’t feel sorry, say no.

The fewer things that don’t go hand in hand with your goals and that you say yes to, the more you avoid feeling like you have to “try” it. There is no middle ground. You decide.

Testing doesn’t make sense

Imagine that you are going for heart surgery, and the doctor tells you, “I’ll try to fix your heart, but who knows.”

Why should testing not be acceptable when it is a matter of life and death, but should be acceptable in everything else we do in life?

By testing, you show the world that you are not interested. Success is about seriousness. Success is about determination and dissatisfaction with the “second best”.

Stick to a higher standard. Do or not. Forget the experiments.

Testing shows a lack of trust

Trust comes from being determined and able to cut yourself off from all other possibilities and follow your inner feeling.

People who are not self-confident sit and think about things until their brains tell them to. Your brain can convince you to give up. Show some confidence and take risks.

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