Malaysia: The best state to retire

Malaysia is a great choice for beginners and also for experienced travelers! The biggest advantage of this Asian country is the low cost of living.

The next advantage is that you can speak English here without any problems. In Malaysia, you will get to know different cultures, religions, beaches, and also forests.


Malaysia, along with Singapore and Taiwan, has become Asia’s, economic tiger. Not only the economy but also the architecture is developing extremely fast. However, you can also admire the architecture of the old temples in Malaysia.

People of Malaysia

A fascinating thing about this Asian country is its multiculturalism. So if you ask what to experience in Malaysia, the answer will be clear! You will find natives, Chinese, Indians, but also Europeans. Simply put, you will meet people from almost all over the world.

You can see a total mix of cultures, but also religions. People here live in harmony. Malaysia is a safe and beautiful country.

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Food stalls at every turn tell you to try everything they have to offer. And if you don’t try, you’ll regret it for a long time.

Besides, street food is always fresh, prepared from home-grown ingredients, and most importantly, cheap.

Food is an extremely good reason to visit Malaysia. And do you know what is best? You will find tastes of the whole of Southeast Asia.

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You will find beautiful nature everywhere in the world. Every country has something special that you will not find anywhere else. Malaysia is no exception

You should visit the oldest rainforest in the world Taman Negara, with many rare animals. Also the largest cave room in the world Sarawak. These two places are among the best attractions.

On the west coast is Langkawi island with several beautiful beaches and mountains which deserve attention.

Nature includes not only caves and forests but also the animals that live in them. A huge number of monkeys and elephants live here. A rare endangered species of Rhinoceros and Tiger also live here.

Price of living in Malaysia

The cost of living depends mainly on the location. But it generally ranges from $ 600-900 per month for one person. It is not the cheapest country in Asia, but it certainly has something to offer.


Rent: $200-$300
Utilities: $50-$100
Food: $200-$350
Transportation: $50-$150
Other expenses: $100
Total: $600-$900

I hope this article helped you to find the best state for retirement. Leave me a comment and also read other blog posts on our website.

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