How to make a successful e-shop

First of all, when you create an e-shop, you need to think carefully about the business idea. However, many start-ups overestimate this point and trying to idealize an idea will take an awful lot of time. In practice, of course, the idea is crucial, but much more important is the funding model, the system of work, and especially the law requirements.


You need to research the products you want to sell. At the same time, it will help a lot to know the future competition. Next, you need to check the legal requirements when selling your goods.An equally important step is to identify your target group. Concerning the target group, it is good to clarify the concept of the website right from the start.

Form of storage: Warehouse vs. dropshipping

You must also choose the form of storage for your e-shop. If you have spaces available, you can choose the path of a classic warehouse.

If you do not have such an option, in which case the so-called dropshipping – the owner of the e-shop does not buy goods for his warehouse but orders them directly from the supplier, and he sends them directly to the customer. In this case, however, your margin is significantly lower. Of course, if you have an idea and you are handy and skilled in something, you can also sell your goods.

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Business conditions

Another crucial necessity is to have the business conditions for the e-shop published on the website, which is binding for both customers and the owner of the e-shop. Of course, this also includes the developed complaint procedure, the stated payment options, or the method of transport of goods.

Based on these documents, the entire process of selling and purchasing your goods offered on the e-shop, including the possibility of returning the goods, takes place. As in the case of the GDPR, the best option is to entrust the preparation of commercial documentation to an experienced expert.

Purchase a domain

Before purchasing a domain, it is necessary to come up with an e-shop name concerning the availability of the domain name and suffix. A good e-shop name does not mean that a domain with this name is free, and the use of less used or non-traditional domain suffixes can significantly worsen your chances of e-shop business success.

Technical solution

We get to the core of establishing our e-shop, namely its actual implementation. Here you need to decide what form of platform you will choose, on which your e-shop will then work.

You have a choice of 3 options. You can either build an e-shop on some pre-prepared platform, where you will pay monthly for the use of e-shop functions. Or you can use a freely available system, for example: Prestashop, Open Cart, or WordPress Woocommerce, which is especially suitable for e-shops with fewer products.

The third option is to create a custom e-shop with your own CMS. However, with the third option, expect significantly higher costs associated with later system upgrades or the addition of new features.

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Graphic design

The first activity where you need a good graphic designer will of course be creating a logo. The logo and corporate identity are important and tell a lot about how the target group will perceive you.

You should also remember to design the website and design it in the context of your corporate identity. The graphics should meet today’s UX standards. This means the simplest possible orientation in the e-shop and convenient shopping.

At present, the so-called mobile-first approach, which must also be taken into account when creating the graphic page of the e-shop. Surveys show that most customers connect to the Internet via their mobile devices, so this should be kept in mind. Otherwise, there is a risk that the requested page will be displayed for too long, and of course, no one likes the long wait.

The right products

It doesn’t matter if you offer 1 or 100 products in your e-shop. Sell ​​what people want to buy. Your motto must be Our customer our master !!!

Choosing the right products is key to future success and especially to building your brand. Do not sell cheap and unnecessary products that the customer can buy in other e-shops. Try going in a different direction. Find a hole in the market and fill it. In this case, success is not guaranteed, and there is a great risk that you will not succeed. However, if you succeed, your profits will be several times higher than you can imagine.

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The right time is right now

At the end of this article, I would like to advise you not to wait for anything. There will never be the right time to set up your e-shop. From my own experience, I can tell you that you will only regret what you have never done. If you want to create an e-shop, do so. Don’t be afraid of failure. You can fail or succeed. There are only two options. However, if you wait for the right time you have already failed.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and helped you decide to create your e-shop. I will be happy if you leave me a comment and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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