Finland – The best country for life

As you may have noticed, almost all rich and prosperous countries lie far from the equator. Of course, there are exceptions, such as Singapore. However, this article will be about Finland. It is a land of endless forests and thousands of lakes.

In this article, I would like to describe to you why, in my opinion, Finland is one of the best countries to live in. At the same time, they have ranked annually in the rankings of countries with the happiest habitants and with the highest standard of living in the world.

They spend a lot of time in nature.

That’s probably to be expected, as up to 70% of Finland’s area is covered by forests. It is an ideal place if you like long walks. The lifestyle of the Finns is a little different from other nations. According to some people, Finns are not very friendly. It is also because, unlike other countries, Finland is not a popular holiday destination, and therefore Finns are not used to foreigners.

Internet for everyone

Today, it is not uncommon to have an internet connection, especially in more developed countries. However, the world is far from a place where everyone has the same conveniences. It must have happened to you that you needed to send something important to school or work, but you had problems with your internet connection. In that case, you should move to Finland, where it could not happen to you. Finland has become the first country in the world where every citizen is entitled to high-speed internet by law.

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Ecology comes first

Many countries should follow the Finns. When it comes to recycling, the country comes first. They have reached a stage where 99% of municipal waste can be recycled. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if all countries were on the same level? Or if they at least tried it. Finns are proud of their nature, and they don’t want to devalue it.

Gender equality

If you are a woman and it bothers you that you have a different status in your country than men, you should move here. Men here consider women as equal and have no inappropriate speech. On the other hand, women do not have to show up in expensive clothes to make an impression. It doesn’t matter what your clothes or hairstyle is. Every person is unique, and everyone respects it.

Finns won’t bother you

Finns are a bit introverted by nature. It is also caused by their culture. About 16 inhabitants per square kilometer live here, which also explains the behavior of many Finns. Every Finnish’s dream is not a big house and an expensive car. The most valuable is the log cabin close to a lake. There are enough lakes for everyone.

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Languages of Finland

Due to its historical development, there are two official languages ​​in Finland. In the past, it was part of the Kingdom of Sweden and later became part of Russia. However, in 1917 it gained independence. As a result, in addition to Finnish, there is a second official language, Swedish.

Finnish is not a European language and it will not remind you of any language you already know. However, the good news is that most people speak English. You may have noticed this phenomenon in neighboring countries such as Norway and Sweden. That’s because there is no dubbing. If a film in the original is English, then the Finns watch it in English with Finnish subtitles.

To make matters worse, Finnish has two versions of the language. One official version is used by the media, and the second is colloquial Finnish. This phenomenon causes the greatest difficulties for foreigners who decide to learn the Finnish language and later find out that they do not understand anyone.

If this is also your case, I would like to recommend a textbook: Colloquial Finnish: The Complete Course for Beginners. I hope it helps you and makes you better understand the Finns and their culture.

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Work in Finland

I don’t have just good news for you. Everything must also have its negatives, and one of them is the attitude of the Finns towards foreigners. In history, very few people have immigrated to Finland. In addition, most employers also require knowledge of the Finnish language, even though almost everyone speaks English.

Therefore, it will not be quite easy to find the job you are dreaming of. Maybe you will start as a cleaning service or an assistant in the kitchen. You will not be the first or the last. However, when you will learn the language you will get the opportunity to live in one of the best countries in the world.

However, there are also jobs in which English is communicated mainly because they are performed by foreigners. This includes working in IT or marketing.


I believe that none of you need to introduce a sauna. According to some sources, there are more than 2 million saunas in Finland. That’s a pretty high number, especially assuming only 5.6 million people live here.

The biggest paradox of their culture is the way they use the sauna. It is well known that small talk is an unknown word to the Finns, and they always like to avoid situations where they have to communicate with strangers. However, when it comes to the sauna, they have no problem sitting in a small room completely naked with people they don’t know.

Price of living in Finland

You will probably not be surprised that food and rental prices are a bit higher in comparison to other European countries. However, it is possible to survive with the average Finnish salary.
Prices for renting an apartment here are around $ 700 – $ 1,000. It is quite expensive for the average European, but the average Finnish wage is around $ 3,000. In that case, you will have enough money left for food and your interests.
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