Ecuador: The best state to retire

Why do 1.5 million tourists a year fly to Ecuador? Why is Ecuador an ideal country to retire? If you don’t know, read this article.

Ecuador is a famous country for its high-quality products such as chocolate, coffee, bananas, flowers, orchids, and others.

Beaches, vulcanos, and forests

Although Ecuador is a small country in size, it has something to offer. On a small piece of land, you can experience the Amazon jungle, the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, and the volcanoes in the Andes. There are more than 40 of them.

Culture and people

Ecuador is a safe destination whose culture is marked by Spanish, African, and especially the original Indian culture. Textile products of Indians are hit.

The landscape is full of artists who make a living from music, paintings of nature, and the production of clay statues with motifs from the pre-Columbian era.

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Some remote parts of Ecuador are still settled by Native American groups that are isolated from civilization. They go hunting and kill everyone they meet. So be careful.


This equatorial country is one of the most diverse areas in the world full of exotic fruits, plants, and animals.

Ecuador also includes the Galapagos Islands, where Charles Darwin formed his theory of evolution. The Galapagos have belonged to Ecuador since 1832. They are located 950 km west of the Ecuadorian coast, belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Ecuadorians are said to like to eat and cook even better. Therefore, large portions and delicious seafood and tropical fruits are a local standard.

Although it is the largest exporter of bananas in the world and is also involved in coffee production, it is produced for export. Only low-quality bananas can be bought in the country, and locals are more likely to drink cocoa powder in Ecuador.

Price of living in Ecuador

The cost of living depends mainly on the location. But it generally ranges from $800-$1000 per month for one person. It is not the cheapest country in South America, but it certainly has something to offer.


Rent: $350-$400
Utilities: $50
Food: $250-$350
Transportation: $50-$100
Other expenses: $100
Total: $800-$1000

I hope this article helped you to find the best state for retirement. Leave me a comment and also read other blog posts on our website.

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