Don’t be afraid to say: ” NO ”

NO should be your answer to all the meetings that suck the energy out of you and ruin your day. Don’t be afraid to say no. Don’t waste time with negative people who only want to make friends with you based on your status.

Doing what your passion is and what you love is a decision. The word NO will set you free and give you the time you need to avoid the lie: “I’m busy.”

It’s just a way of not telling people what you think. Do you often apologize in front of you for not wanting to upset others? Or that you want to look like a perfect friend so that people like you?

Think about why you are doing it. Do you want to be a friend of people with who you feel bad?

Everything you have to say about the useless requests you receive every day is NO.

It’s not about being a terrible person

If you are tired and upset because you can’t say no, everyone else is suffering. Don’t be afraid to do it.

The time required to work on your passion and realize your vision requires you to say NO. You have to create that time. Be responsible!!!

You don’t have to keep telling everyone you don’t have time.

Don’t be afraid of the opinions of other people

You are not in a VIP club. To say you don’t have time sounds silly because what you’re telling us all is, “I can’t say no.” You are only afraid to say it.

You have time early in the morning while everyone is still asleep. You have enough time you are alone.

Not having time is nothing to be proud of, and it’s not cool. Not having time is embarrassing, chaotic, useless, and one hundred percent under your control.

When you think about your life and ignore the fear that other people will condemn you, you will find that it’s all about priorities.

You don’t have to spend two hours on coffee with your friend who needs to ruin your day with his negativity.

Stop deceiving yourself. There is always time – as long as your only answer to stupidity is NO.

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