Bali: The best island to retire

Bali is one of the 17,000 islands of Indonesia, and it is probably the most famous one. It’s unique that Hinduism is the main religion there, in comparison to the rest of Indonesia, where the major religion is Islam. It has incredible traditions and ceremonies that are an experience for every tourist.


Bali will enchant you with its tropical climate and smiling locals. It is also known for its beaches, which can be used not only for swimming and diving, but many lovers of big waves can enjoy surfing here.

However, you can also find a quieter part of the island where you will spend your retirement. The article consists calculation of the cost of living in this paradise.

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Without a doubt, everyone with a smile on his face will imagine spending retirement on this beautiful island.


The main ingredient of the kitchen is rice, as everywhere in Asia. If you don’t like it, you won’t be very excited, because rice is usually consumed three times a day.

Bali is more developed than other parts of Indonesia, so here you will find supermarkets for foreigners, where you can buy various modern foods but you will pay much more for them.

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Culture of Bali

A typical part of the island is Hinduistic temples, which you can find almost everywhere. Each house has its own small temple with sacrificial offerings for the gods where family members go to pray regularly five times a day.

Many young people also travel here to enjoy the sun, beaches, and nightclubs. If you don’t need to go to bed right after sunset, you will definitely enjoy the nightlife. There are many clubs and bars right on the beach.

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The people of Bali are very smiling and carefree. You will quickly get used to the fact that time passes more slowly here than elsewhere in the world. You are sure to meet a lot of young people here, including digital nomads. Bali is a popular destination for them because life is cheaper here than anywhere else.

It almost doesn’t matter where you are from. In time, you will become a minimalist, just like the local people. Often they can live without material stuff, and they are always smiling.

This feature is very contagious and should definitely be taken home by anyone who visits this beautiful tropical island.

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Price of living in Bali

Life in Bali can be really cheap but also extremely expensive. It depends on why you came here. If you need a quiet place on the beach where you do not think about your work and forget about all your problems, then you will not need a lot of money. However, if you are looking for excitement and nightlife, you will have to pay extra.

Rent: $200-$350
Utilities: $80
Food: $220-$400
Transportation: $100
Other: $100
Total: $700 – $950

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