5 ways how to make a million

Do you want to how to make a million? Many people have created a million-dollar business from scratch. Their incredible stories prove that if a person has healthy hands and smart ideas, everything can be achieved.

How to make a million by selling books on Amazon

A 29-year-old Amanda Hocking, who decided to be the author of e-books, also earned a million. She sold about 100,000 of her books a month through the Amazon Kindle store, setting the price at an attractive level of $ 1-3.

After seven months of selling 700,000, she could say “I’m a millionaire.

How to make a million by business on YouTube

A big business can also be started on the YouTube. The best example is the Swedish Youtuber PewDiePie. It has tens of millions of subscribers to Youtube and earns more than a million dollars a year from advertising.

Sell a business plan and become a millionaire

An amazing idea was invented by Samuel Katabaazi from Great Britain. He came to the eBay auction portal with the marketing goal of selling 99,999 pieces of a business plan, asking for £ 68 for one piece sold. Although it is not clear how many he managed to sell, he had to sell 10,000 business plans to make a million.

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Create a popular app

Creator of the Flappy Bird application earned $ 50,000 a day. Although the application was free, Dong Nguyen’s revenue was taken care of by mobile advertising.

After a month, the author decided to download the app from the app store. With an estimated income of $ 50,000 / day, he was a millionaire after a few weeks.

Viral portal

Scott DeLong, the founder of the viral portal ViralNova.com, which cleverly records 200 million views a month, also cleverly invented it.

DeLong earns money from Google AdSense ads, and given the number of pages viewed, it’s estimated that its annual advertising revenue is up to 4.8 million. dollars.

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