5 books: How to become a trader

Even today, books are one of the most reliable sources of information. We can find hundreds of articles about investing on the Internet with one click. But how do you choose the right one? As they say: A book does not sell its contents but the reputation of the author. However, if we do not know who wrote the article, how can we assess its credibility.

Therefore, I want to introduce you to 5 books that will teach you how to trade on the stock market. However, I do not want to tell you that you can start to trade on the stock market and waste all your savings. As the quote of a well-known investor says:

“The risk comes when you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Warren Buffett

1) High Probability Trading: Take the Steps to Become a Successful Trader – Marcel Link

According to the author of the book High probability Trading, many of the new traders are bankrupt within half a year. In this book, Marcel Link wants to explain to us the strategies for not becoming one of these unsuccessful traders.
Our first book tip is a guide with detailed instructions on overcoming the pitfalls of the first months on the road to becoming a profitable trader.

Marcel Link’s book is based on a real basis and examines all aspects of risk and success in trading on the capital markets. Here we can find examples from everyday practice that can inspire not only traders but also long-term investors.

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2) How to Day Trade for a Living – Andrew Aziz

The dream of many people is a job that allows you to live without limits. By that, we mean that you have no boss to decide for you. You can decide for yourself when and from where you will work. And this is the life of a successful trader. You can find out why only a few will succeed in the book How to Day Trade for a Living by Andrew Aziz.

The author shares with us a story about how he made a lot of money in a few minutes, which he lost even faster. This example shows that it is the fate of every trader that is undisciplined and does not follow the principles of risk management.

3) Mastering The Trade – John Carter

The book Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter is one of the best-written books about trading. It provides beginners with important information to start trading in traditional and modern capital markets and can also be useful for experienced traders.

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The book provides a clear explanation of complex trading mechanisms and analyzes commonly used enrichment strategies, providing critical feedback for all traders.

The book Mastering the trade focuses in-depth on explaining the laws of the market, but also provides an insight into the psychology of a trader who is engaged in trading and long-term investments.

4) The Disciplined Trader – Mark Douglas

Over the last 20 years, major technological changes have taken place in stock markets. Even though traders currently have all the necessary information available online, many regularities of trading have remained intact.

The book The Disciplined Trader, first published in the early 1990s, focuses on the psychology of trading and is one of the first to offer insight into the thinking of a successful trader. We consider it a classic, but it is still relevant in the 21st century.

5) Trade Like a Pro: 15 High-Profit Trading Strategies – Noble DraKoln

Our last book tip for every beginning trader is Trade like a Pro. We consider it important in terms of the possibility of risk control.

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Noble DraKoln introduces us to the story of a failed trader who turns into a professional with capital under control.
The publication includes a compact presentation of the most fundamental trading strategies for each trader and analyzes their biggest advantages and disadvantages.

I hope that our book tips will bring you more success in your life. You may find that by reading them, the life of a trader is not for everyone. However, if a person becomes a professional, he can achieve great success.

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